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Common Questions

Below are answers to questions we get asked most often by advisors. If you have a question that is not answered here, or simply want to explore ways we can help you, please give us a call at 888-327-0049. We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

About DPL

What does DPL do?

DPL works to make Commission-Free insurance a positive and productive asset in an RIA's practice.

With Carriers: We provide market knowledge and product expertise to help top carriers create low-cost, Commission-Free insurance products specifically for the RIA market.

With RIAs: We are the RIA's strategic partner, providing a turnkey insurance management platform to help advisors implement Commission-Free insurance in their practices. We provide analysis of clients' existing policies, as well as education and access to new, Commission-Free solutions that offer transparency, value and choice to RIAs and their clients.

Why do RIAs need DPL?

Because of the RIAs’ fiduciary model, RIAs cannot sell commissioned insurance. Until now, this has meant that advisors either do not include insurance products in their clients’ financial plans, or have to refer their clients to outside commission-based insurance salespeople, thereby losing control of a key part of the portfolio and the client’s experience. Working with DPL, RIAs are able to:

  • Stop referring clients to outside insurance salespeople
  • Retain control of their client experience
  • Ensure clients are only presented insurance solutions they recommend
  • Meet client demand for broader services
  • Increase AUM by retaining or bringing in insurance business

What does an RIA get once they join the DPL network?

RIAs who become members of DPL get:

  • Access to our team of unbiased, product agnostic insurance consultants who provide product education, analysis of products and solutions, and recommendations for ways Commission-Free insurance can be used to solve for client needs in the financial plan.
  • Thought leadership for various uses of insurance within a practice – including our own content and insight from peers and experts across the industry
  • A level of product knowledge and insight that RIAs don’t often have (many RIAs lack experience evaluating insurance because it's been commission-based and off limits to their practice)
  • Tools to evaluate and illustrate complex information in a direct, highly-customized manner

What is DPL’s relationship with RIAs’ clients?

DPL works for the RIA.  We only interact with an RIA's client as required to execute a new insurance contract.  Beyond that, we interact with a client at the RIA’s request.

How does DPL make money?

1. We are a membership organization, meaning we charge a small fee to RIAs to join our community and enjoy unlimited access to DPL’s resources and product expertise. This membership model allows us to leverage the collective buying power of our members to create low-cost insurance products that eliminate expensive commissions and distribution costs. As of March 1, 2019:

  • Companies with up to $100M in AUM pay $1,000/yr.
  • Companies with $100 - $250M in AUM pay $1,500/yr.
  • Companies with $250M - $1B in AUM pay $3,000/yr.
  • Companies with $1B+ pay $5,000

2. The second way we generate revenue is from the multiple carriers with whom we work. DPL creates the infrastructure through which we can issue policies on behalf of these carriers for our RIA members. We provide the product education, the licensing capabilities and the broker/dealer (for variable products). For this infrastructure, we get an administrative fee. The fee, which is 80%-90% lower than carriers’ traditional distribution costs, enables the repricing of products to create greater benefit for the RIA’s client.

How much does membership in DPL cost?

Member firms pay an annual membership fee based on their AUM. For this fee, all of the advisors in the member firm get access to DPL's team of consultants, products and educational resources for members. As of March 1, 2019:

  • Companies with up to $100M in AUM pay $1,000/yr.
  • Companies with $100 - $250M in AUM pay $1,500/yr.
  • Companies with $250M - $1B in AUM pay $3,000/yr.
  • Companies with $1B+ pay $5,000/yr.

How can insurance be a revenue source for RIAs?

Many RIAs see insurance as a great opportunity to expand and differentiate their services, increase share of wallet, and attract new clients. We see RIAs charging either a one-time planning fee and/or a percent of AUM.  Our consultants would be happy to speak with you about what may work best for your practice.

How do RIAs work with DPL?

With our member firms, we work in three ways:

  • We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing client holdings
  • We help you identify and fulfill clients' insurance needs
  • We help you leverage the benefits of Commission-Free insurance in holistic financial plans

How do I get started with DPL?

It’s easy to get started with DPL. RIAs who want to work with DPL join our community as “members” and enjoy unlimited access to our educational resources, products and product expertise. We begin with an introductory call to understand how you currently plan for your clients' insurance needs. We'll introduce our team and answer your questions. After that, we'll discuss a personalized plan for your clients and their needs, whether it's to review existing coverage or explore new coverage. 

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