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Annuities are perhaps the only way to mitigate longevity risk, but they also are a more efficient means of generating retirement income. Commission-free annuities can quickly outperform fixed income in generating retirement income, and provide payouts long after fixed income portfolios would be depleted. To see how a no-load annuity can solve for income needs of your clients in retirement, visit our Guaranteed Income calculator.

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Leading academics provide insight into how annuities can generate income more efficiently than traditional fixed income portfolios. This efficient income generation, along with the guaranteed income stream, can have a meaningful impact on financial outcomes for clients in retirement. 

Advisor Reaction: "I can't unsee this."

Many advisors are surprised when they realize how an annuity can outperform their fixed income strategy to deliver secure retirement income for their clients. David Lau describes an advisor's reaction after taking a closer look at the impact of a Commission-Free annuity on a client's financial plan.

Advisor Reaction: “I can’t unsee this.”

David Lau describes an advisor's reaction after taking a closer look at how annuities can benefit their clients.


Annuities are perhaps the only way to mitigate longevity risk, but they also are a more efficient means of generating retirement income. Annuities can quickly outperform fixed income in generating retirement income, and provide payouts long after fixed income portfolios would be depleted.

Type Summary
Structured Variable Annuity

Structured Variable Annuities (SVAs) are tax-deferred insurance vehicles that provide upside potential with a defined degree of downside protection. The investor assumes the portion of the market risk that is in excess of the "buffer" or the initial losses before reaching the "floor", but in exchange receives a higher participation rate...

Solves for Principal Protection, Retirement Income
Deferred Income Annuity

A deferred income annuity is a contract funded with a lump-sum payment (premium) in exchange for guaranteed income payments at a future date. Also known as a longevity annuity because of QLAC-eligibility, a DIA can serve as a pension-like income stream for investors without a defined benefit plan through their employer. A DIA helps bridge an income gap and maintains an...

Solves for Retirement Income, Tax Deferral
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Fixed indexed annuities are tax-deferred insurance products that provide market upside, while protecting principal from market losses. Assets are allocated into indices that are designed to replicate market performance. These indices are typically accompanied with cap rates, spreads, or participation rates.

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection, Annuity Rescue+
Fixed Annuity

Fixed annuities are tax-deferred insurance vehicles that provide a guaranteed minimum fixed rate of return that is typically reset on an annual basis. Some types of fixed annuities, known as multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs), can offer a fixed rate of return for the duration of the product. Fixed annuities provide tax...

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection, Tax Deferral
Single Premium Immediate Annuity

A single premium immediate annuity is a contract funded with a single lump-sum payment (premium) in exchange for guaranteed income payments. Designed to supplement retirement income, a SPIA insures the purchaser against outliving their money or exhausting it within a certain timeframe. A SPIA can begin paying income immediately, bypassing...

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection
Variable Annuity

Variable annuities are tax-deferred insurance contracts with an underlying value that fluctuates based on the performance of the underlying investments. These products often offer insurance benefits such as guaranteed income or a death benefit. The ability to annuitize assets into a guaranteed lifetime income stream is the fundamental feature that qualifies a...

Solves for Tax Deferral, Annuity Rescue+, Legacy Planning

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Common Questions

How can annuities help with wealth accumulation?

Annuities can help clients accumulate wealth in two ways: 1) through tax-deferred accumulation, and, 2) through the efficient funding of retirement income. The additional tax deferral that can be accessed through low-cost variable annuities can be beneficial to high income earners who quickly max out their 401(k)s and IRAs. Academic research shows that annuities can fund retirement income more efficiently than traditional fixed income portfolios. By requiring fewer assets to generate income than traditional fixed income strategies, allocating to an annuity to fund essential retirement expenses leaves a greater share of a client’s portfolio to be invested in long term equity strategies that leverage accumulation potential.

How can annuities improve legacies?

The basic premise is that by using an annuity to efficiently fund retirement income, more assets are available to be invested in equities to grow legacy assets. Clients with longer life expectancies will benefit most as they generate income from their annuities even after their cash balances have been exhausted.

My firm doesn’t address annuities clients already own, why should we?

Clients can often save thousands of dollars in product fees when it makes sense to move from a commissioned insurance product to a low-cost, commission-free product. In addition to providing potentially improved financial outcomes to your clients, offering insurance solutions as part of a holistic financial planning process enables you to expand services, potentially attract new clients and increase AUM.

Does DPL perform analysis of annuities my clients already own?

One of the services we provide to our members is the evaluation of clients' existing annuity policies to determine if it is possible to leverage current benefits to help meet the goals of the financial plan, or, if it makes sense to use the policy to fund a no-load annuity that may be able to achieve client goals more efficiently.

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