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DPL is a membership organization. That means that firms pay a small annual fee to become members of the DPL community and enjoy access to DPL’s resources and product expertise. This membership model allows us to leverage the collective buying power of our members to create low-cost annuities and life insurance products that eliminate expensive commissions and distribution costs.

Membership fees are determined by a firm’s AUM:

  • Companies with up to $100M in AUM pay $1,000/yr.
  • Companies with $100M - $250M in AUM pay $1,500/yr.
  • Companies with $250M - $1B in AUM pay $3,000/yr.
  • Companies with $1B+ in AUM pay $5000/yr.

In the last year, over 200 RIA firms have become members of DPL’s community. They are Fee-Only practices, hybrids and breakaways, and range in size from under $5M in AUM to well over $10B in AUM. They all are committed to serving their clients’ best interests and exploring ways to expand services to meet client needs for holistic financial planning, and grow their businesses.

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Firms join DPL for many reasons: To meet client demand for expanded services, to bring their clients’ insurance under their fiduciary umbrella, to differentiate their firm and offering, and more.