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We know insurance, and we know RIAs

DPL offers carriers a unique expertise – we know insurance and we know RIAs. Many of the nation's top carriers turn to DPL to consult on their strategy for the RIA marketplace.

Strategies & Solutions

The team at DPL brings decades of experience innovating insurance to meet the needs of RIAs. We work with leading carriers to refine their fee-only offerings, including products, technology and processes. And, for many, we help bring their products to market.

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Product Development
Distribution Strategy
Product Distribution
David Lau, Founder and CEO
Product Development

DPL brings a unique insight to carriers when it comes to product development for the RIA channel. Through our extensive work with RIAs, we know what an insurance product has to deliver in order to be successful in a fiduciary-focused marketplace where value is at a premium. DPL helps you get it right.

Product Development with our Carriers

DPL’s David Lau talks about how DPL works with our carrier partners to develop products that serve the needs of the RIA market.

David Lau, Founder and CEO
Distribution Strategy

DPL works with a number of carriers to develop distribution strategies for the RIA market. Relying on methods that have been successful in the broker-dealer and wirehouse channels can prove ineffective or unsustainable when distributing to RIAs. Carriers have to commit to a holistic business approach. We can get you there.

How DPL Works with Carriers to Develop Distribution Strategies for RIA Market

DPL’s David Lau talks about the challenges for carriers who are looking to distribute their products to the RIA market.

David Lau, Founder and CEO
Product Distribution

Products will succeed or fail in the RIA marketplace based on how they are positioned, marketed and sold. Partnering with DPL for product distribution will help ensure your products and brand are presented to RIAs in a manner that appeals to them, speaks their language and maximizes adoption.

David Lau’s Perspective: Product Distribution in the RIA Channel

DPL’s David Lau talks about considerations carriers need to consider when developing a distribution strategy for the RIA market.

Our Carrier Partners

DPL works with leading carriers to help them serve the RIA market with low-cost, Commission-Free insurance products, systems and processes. Below are the carriers whose products we offer on the DPL platform.

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Security Benefit
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Why the RIA market is important for carriers
Clients are demanding more services

Clients are demanding more from their advisors. Insurance enables RIAs to deliver comprehensive financial planning and improve outcomes for clients.

Pressure on the RIA model is real

As industry trends put pressure on the RIA model, advisors are looking for ways to differentiate and grow their business. Insurance can bring compelling benefits to an RIA’s practice.

The RIA industry is going fee-only

More and more advisors are committed to acting in the best interests of their clients. RIAs are looking for conflict-free solutions that deliver value and transparency.

The RIA market is enormous

With nearly $3T in assets, the RIA market represents a huge opportunity for carriers but many struggle to succeed in the space. 

Common Questions

Why would I use an annuity for tax deferred investing?

Ordinarily, you would not, as commission-based annuities cost too much and effectively nullify that value of tax deferral. However, low-cost, commission-free annuities are priced to enable clients to reap the value of tax deferral. For high income earners that max out their 401(k)s and IRAs, the value of tax deferral can add between 100bps and 200bps in yield to their portfolio.

What are the benefits of Commission-Free permanent life insurance?

For most permanent life insurance policies, the agent’s commission is removed from the client’s premium – often 40%-80% of the premium – leaving a fraction of the client’s premium to fund the policy. When those commissions are eliminated, your clients often find they can fund a death benefit for less premium or buy more coverage with the same premium.

How can annuities improve legacies?

The basic premise is that by using an annuity to efficiently fund retirement income, more assets are available to be invested in equities to grow legacy assets. Clients with longer life expectancies will benefit most as they generate income from their annuities even after their cash balances have been exhausted.

Become a Partner

If you are a carrier interested in designing products for fee-only advisors and/or distributing to the RIA market, we’d love to talk to you.


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