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Case Studies

Using no-load annuities to provide clients peace of mind

May 03, 2019

When Boise, Idaho-based Guide Morrison took the leap from the broker dealer world to the RIA space, they were looking...


Solving for Sequence of Returns Risk

Feb 07, 2019

DPL Consultant Kameron McRay discusses how market fluctuations can impact when and how a client retires and why advisors need

Case Studies

Insurance becomes an asset

Jan 03, 2019

Nick Dally of Pacific Crest Wealth Management in Elk Grove, CA was like many RIAs – he hated when clients brought up...

In the News

The 50 Best Annuities

Jul 21, 2018

Annuities are looking better than they have in years, thanks to rising interest rates. Yields and guarantees are...


Utilizing insurance in Fee-Only Practices

May 29, 2018

DPL will discuss how and why RIAs are incorporating insurance into their Fee-Only Practices...


RIA Insurance Planning Benchmarking Survey: Executive Summary & Key Findings

Feb 02, 2018

A recent survey of 118 registered Investment advisors by DPL Financial Partners that sought to document industry attitudes...

Principal Protection

Principal Protection

Feb 14, 2019

Utilizing insurance to protect principal can provide meaningful benefits to a client's portfolio, as well as to their peace of


Why DPL is a Fan of Annuities - Reason #1

Feb 07, 2019

DPL’s David Lau talks about the reasons why DPL believes that annuities are an important part of a client’s financial pla


Leveraging Insurance to Solve Important De-risking Problems

Dec 06, 2018

With the bull showing signs of ending, and a low (and possibly rising) interest rate environment, advisors need strategies...


Understanding and Utilizing Fixed Indexed Annuities

Jul 18, 2018

DPL Founder and CEO, David Lau, and Allianz’s Adam Brown, VP of Actuarial Product Development, discuss how an insurance...

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Can clients really "self-insure"?

May 28, 2018

Advisors will often say their clients are “self-insured.” But because insurance is, by definition, the pooling of risk...

White Papers

Fixed Indexed Annuities: Consider the Alternative

Jan 02, 2018

Given the current low-yield environment, bond returns for the next several years will likely be based entirely on yield...


Annuity Rescue+

Feb 07, 2019

DPL Senior Consultant Cody Williams explains how DPL helps advisors bring additional value to clients by rescuing legacy annu

In the News

A New Fixed Indexed Annuity Has RIAs in Mind

Jan 30, 2019

DPL Financial Partners, an insurance network for RIAs, has partnered with Security Benefit Life Insurance Co. to launch...


Leveraging Guaranteed Income Through Commission-Free Insurance

Dec 05, 2018

Learn about the benefits of utilizing Commission-Free insurance solutions to meet your clients' retirement income needs...

Press Releases

DPL Financial Partners Expands Annuity Offering with Allianz Partnership

Jun 05, 2018

LOUISVILLE, KY., June 5, 2018 – DPL Financial Partners today announced an agreement with Allianz...

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For RIAs, A Vexing Insurance Dilemma

Feb 08, 2018

A large majority of registered investment advisors (RIAs) offer clients insurance planning. But nearly half of all RIAs...


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